Invisible movements of the Sun in a longer period of time can be captured in one image. We can record the actual paths of the Sun with a lensless pinhole camera using long exposure photography onto light sight sensitive paper.

If you would like to start making your own solargraphy camera’s please follow this link to a step by step plan as drawn by Tarja Trigg. She has started a very interesting global solargraphy project and is always looking for ‘can’ assistants who help her create images.

Tarja Trigg Solargraphy gallery 
Maciej Zapiór and Gaizka Taro : Film
Maciej Zapiór and Gaizka Taro : About the history of Solargraphy
Diego Lopez Calvin, Slavo Decyk, and Pawel Kula: Early Solargraphy pioneers

Maciej Zapiór and Gaizka Taro : Analemma
A very interesting look into the work of Maciej and Gaizka creating Analemma images like the one below. Analemma arises when during a whole yearevery day and exactly at the same time  the position of the Sun in the sky is recorded.