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Three Life

Film triptych featuring music instruments by artist Rob van den Broek.

Music instruments created by Rob van den Broek leave an audience in awe. In this triptych we celebrate the creation process and wondrous mind of Rob who works from a flow of being. He does not meticulously plan an idea from scratch, Rob works with what comes natural, then starts to build and construct from there. He initiates creating instruments and works in collaboration with musicians.

Rob’s working method, drive and results are an inspiration to me and we had been talking about finding a way to use animation for setting the instrument in motion. The resulting films could work as a graphical score on which composers respond in a spontaneous manner. Each film in the triptych was assigned to a musician that has a special bond with the instrument portrayed.


Nek, Snaar, Kam · Oene van Geel (viola & cello),
Eva · Remy Alexander (using the instrument Eva & technology),
Melting Pot · Maya Fridman (Cello).
Visuals · Udo Prinsen
Instruments · Rob van den Broek
Music recording & Mix
Nek, Snaar, Kam · Oene van Geel
Eva · Remy Alexander
Melting Pot · Brendon Heinst


Oranjewoud Festival 2023
Cello Biennale 2022
Online @ Mini Music Movies


Stichting QEM
Mini Music Movies
Oene van Geel
Remy Alexander
Maya Fridman


Remy Alexander also composed the tune for the Mini Music Movies Teaser.