The Hague Highlights

Reactive visuals inspired on Penrose tiling for a video wall projection on the facade of museum Escher at the Palace.

In the winter of 2024 The Hague Higlights light festival is presenting a video wall projected onto the facade of museum Escher at the Palace. The entire production is called Attempt the Absurd and is to be 15 minutes long and overseen by design bureau Mr. Beam in collaboration with event organisator Spinner & Langkous.

I was asked to create 1 minute of motion art to be part of this video wall. In 2023 I came across a work of art based on Penrose Tiling which immediately reminded me of Escher. It inspired me to start experimenting and find a dynamic form based on this pattern. My minute was created using reactive animation principles: elements of the design move to the beat of the music.


Organisation: The Hague Highlights & Spinner & Langkous
Creative production:  Mr. Beam (Tim van der Steen, Bucko Arends, Mo Assem)
Music: Roy Griekspoor
Thanks to Stefan van Seggelen for his 3D model of a Penrose pattern.


The Hague Highlights