gemeente teylingen map

• City of Teylingen

Call for action and pitch area development . 

This was a short film to invite people from the municipality of Teylingen to rethink and pitch ideas for the area development of a polder area called ‘Roodemolenpolder’.

Images and characters from the film were used as abri campagne throughout the city.


Nature and recreation

The film and campagne helped to develop the concept for a nature area that locals and visitors can use for recreation.
Link to the project (in Dutch only) 


director & animation design: Udo Prinsen
Animation: Nadine Lamandassa, Udo Prinsen
Voice Over: Tuffie Vos,
Music composition & arrangement: Kay Krijnen,
Tenor saxophone: Simon Kelaita
Project leader: Terra Incognita, Jan Maurits van Linge, Frank Stroeken
Map design: Terra Incognita


commissioned by city of Teylingen