Martin Fondse · Margriet Sjoerdsma · Vrouwkje Tuinman

visual identity for a cross over music performance for music & poetry.


A long exposure landscape photo I created in collaboration with the Polish Arctic Station in Spitsbergen for the project Touch Base formed the base for the visual identity of this theatrical experience about time, life and death.

The long exposure image created by Udo Prinsen

You can purchase an art print of the image via this link.



Vocals: Margriet Sjoerdsma
Piano, vibrandoneon, vocals, composition, arrangement: Martin Fondse
Text, vocals, melodica: Vrouwkje Tuinman
Woodwinds & percission: Het Balletorkest
Director: Xander Straat
Sound: Jelle Pijnenborg
Light: Berk Aarts
Art work: Udo Prinsen
Production: Tami Matuoka
Impresario: Via Rudolphi