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• St. Matthew Passion

Three hours of Bach’s masterpiece condensed in 5 minutes animated film.

The Dutch Bach Institute needed a very short film version of the St. Matthew Passion. Together with il Luster Productions, we created edited the 3 hour version to a 5 minute animated short. This film was used for educational purposes in the Netherlands and in the UK.

Client: Podium / Bach Vereniging
Music by: JS Bach
Music performed by: De Bach Vereniging
Foley and effects: Jeroen Nadorp
Audio mix: BKS



Permanent collection

Since it’s first run in 2002 for the educational package, the film has been broadcasted as a yearly event on Dutch National and regional television and social media.


Project leader: Podium Educational Projects
Research & information: Dutch Bach Society
Script & Production: Michiel J. Snijders, il Luster Productions
Director & animation: Udo Prinsen
Music performed by: The Dutch Bach Society
Foley and effects: Jeroen Nadorp
Audio mix: BKS