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• Save Our Souls

Exploring arctic research through long exposure photography


touch base Save Our Souls a photo object

Save Our Souls, a photo object

Extreme long exposure photographs of nine research locations in the arctic celebrate a global science community sharing knowledge from some of the most extreme and remote places on earth. The photos are presented as an S.O.S. morse code. Scientists working at these arctic stations warn us that our times may change faster than we can handle. Facts and feelings unite us in our efforts to take care of our planet.

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Over 25 arctic scientists participated in placing and retrieving long exposure cameras in remote places in the far north. Please follow this link foor the full information.

touch base panorama solargraphy netherlands arctic stationThe Dutch arctic station at Spitsbergen in a panorama 360 view.


Save Our Souls participated in the following events

2021.11.01-30 Kunstmaand Ameland (re-visiting)
2020.11.14 Dutch Arctic Circle
2020.11.01-30 Kunstmaand Ameland
2020.06.27-30 Kunstzentrum Coldam (Postoponed due to Covid19)
2020.04.13-30 ARCTIC MAKES, Ural State University of Architecture and Art, Ekaterinburg, Russia
2020.02.06-09 Rotterdam Photo,  Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2019.12.06 Participating project in 
Fair International Cultural Cooperation – Climate Change, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2019.12 /2020.03 solo exhibit at Hooghiemstra Art, Media & Business Centre, Utrecht, the Netherlands
2019.03.21 lunch time lecture at the VU Amsterdam


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