Protection International

10 animated films for an educational package

In collaboration with foundation Human Rights in the Picture of Nadja Houben I am directing ten short animation films for Protection International. The films will be distributed globally through Protection International’s e-learning programme to enhance the capacities of human rights defenders. To learn more, or to sign up for the e-learning course, visit their website:


Client & project management: Protection International
Production: Human Rights in the Picture, Nadja Houben
Director: Udo Prinsen
Illustrations: Domingo Pozanco
Scripts: Sylvan Lefebvre, Meredith Velt, Udo Prinsen, Nadja Houben
Voice over: Meredith Velt (English), Andrée de Somer (French), Alma Niëto (Spanish), Valeriya Vergunova (Russian)
Music: Alex Borg