Patterns from Nature

Immersive music & visual performance by composer Quinsin Nachoff.

This ambitious project initiated by composer Quinsin Nachoff in collaboration with Physicist Stephen Morris involves developing a multimedia work exploring emergent patterns from nature; Quinsin Nachoff is writing a score for a modern chamber orchestra with unique improvisers that bridges the jazz and classical worlds. Four movements will resonate natural branches, cracks, flow and ripples. Each movement is assigned to a film maker who will create visuals to accompany their specific assigned movement.

Udo is assigned to work with the theme of ripples and will be exploring a data base of recorded ice formations that Stephen Morris has been working on for many years. He named his research project the Icicle Atlas. Next to this Morris is also exploring Faraday wave experiments which forms a second base for visual design that Udo will incorporate in the film that accompanies 4th Movement of the piece.

The premiere of Patterns from Nature will be held at Hunter College New York City.


Composer: Quinsin Nachoff
Filmmakers:  Udo Prinsen, Gita Blak, Lee Hutzulak and Tina de Groot;
In my film I used footage from the Icicle Atlas (based on Antony Chen’s data);  (the Atlas) and
Peter Le (Faraday video experiments)

Exhibit & Performance

Hunter College, New York, 16/10/2023 (premiere)
Toronto Isabel Bader Theatre 4/11/2023


Quinsin Nachoff
Stephen Morris · Icicle Atlas
Patterns from Nature
Hunter College