• Oracle of Lies

Video art installation & residency · Alexandria / Cairo · Egypt

Late 2020 I was invited to participate in an artist residency in Alexandria in the wonderful gallery space of B’Sarya. It was named Rebooting! after the idea to recover from the pandemic period, but it came to be that Covid19 was still in our way to make this a meeting of artists on location so we decided to start via a digital exchange and see where this would bring us. We planned the show for April 2021, but still the world’s state and applied regulations pressed down on our plans and prevented me from traveling. So the show was created with me on location in the Netherlands and with the help of a wonderful team in Alexandria.

We call the show Oracle of Lies.


Our oracle is the antithesis of Cassandra, the Trojan priestess and princess, whom Apollo gifted with the ability to utter true prophecies, but whom he cursed to never be believed. Our oracle is a liar, an illusionist, a fabricator, yet we all believe him because we want to. He tells the lies we choose to believe in in order to feel safe. Cassandra is the mysterious truth that cannot be discovered unless you, our dear audience, look closely beyond the mystery within mystery and look your own oracle in the eye.


The show and our work is represented by Ahmed Nagy, director of B’Sarya Art Space. Please contact B’Sarya for for further questions and bookings for festivals and other presentations.

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Exhibition opening @ Art d’Egypt
Artist talk @ Art d’Egypt

Concept & digital paintings: Aya Tarek
Concept & animation design: Udo Prinsen

Sound design: Tamer El Shabrawy
Poetry: Essayed Taha
Voice over: Brady Ryan

Project management: Ahmed Nagy
Administrative assistance: Alaa Nasr
Production assistance: Essayed Taha
Technical advisory: Dmitri Makhonin
Technical assistance: Abdallah Gaber
Communication design: Mohamed Saleh
Photography: George Assad
Videography: George Assad, Hatem Khaled

Rebooting: “Oracle of lies” is produced by B’sarya for Arts with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Egypt.


15/09-07/11 Art d’Egypte, Cairo
01/03-30/03 B’Sarya Art Space, Alexandria, premiere