• Muziek Fantastiek

Educational project combining music and nature in a workshop for children.

Muziek Fantastiek (Fantastic Music) is an interdisciplinary project made by and for children. Muziek Fantastiek introduces nature and classical music to children and inspires them to use their imagination based on these subjects and bring them to life by drawing or painting. Muziek Fantastiek is an initiative by pianist and educator Ellyne Wieringa, in conversation with her I helped refine the concept, backed up a crowd funding project via Voordekunst and animated the film.  

The music repertoire on which the individual excursion, the drawing concert and the music film is based has been carefully selected by Ellyne. The base for the pilot lies in the classic composition Freundliche Landschaft from the Waldszenen by Robert Schumann, performed by Ellyne herself. We closed the conceptual phase with a short film in which drawings of children, created during the pilot’s workshop are set to animation in our studio. 

Further information

Thanks to the film and the efforts of Ellyne, Muziek Fantastiek is available as workshop, please find more info via this link.


Music · Robert Schumann, Freundliche Landschaft
Piano · Ellyne Wieringa
Animation · Udo Prinsen
Script · Udo Prinsen & Ellyne Wieringa
Audio recording · Martin de Waard bij Westvest 90 Schiedam

Drawings by van Alyssa, Daline, Delphine, Eloïse, Jaeda, Miumiu, Philine, created during the workshop which was led by nature guide Ellen Verwiel.