oorsprong beginnings art piece

• Oorsprong (Beginnings)

Video art triptych portraying ancient trees.

Three wonderful old epic trees in Utrecht inspired me to make this video installation. A Ginkgo in the University Museum’s Botanical garden, a Beech tree on a roundabout and the plane trees near the observatory. I created time lapses of the sun passing through the summer leaves in order to bring about a combined feeling of rapid change in a relaxed atmosphere.

When the summer was over I collected material that fell off the trees. Leaves of the Ginkgo tree,
nut shells of the beech and bark of the plane trees. I painted all of these left overs white and had 3 similar transparant containers made which I filled up with the painted material to make the unique presentation screen for the film.

Temo Gonzalez Moreno created an audiodesign for this art piece. Temo took field recordings at three locations of  the trees and mixed these with musical elements, loops and sounds that connect the video to an other worldly nature. If you listen well, you can even hear the sound of the famous Utrecht Dom tower bells.

The video triptych Beginnings premiered during an exhibit in the Art Traverse in the city hall of de Bilt. Later that year it was on display in the University museum in Utrecht, very close to where the original Ginkgo is standing.

  • oorsprong-beginnings-installation-72dpi-c-udo-prinsen


University Museum Utrecht
Art Traverse Gemeente de Bilt 

Koppelkerk Gallery, Bredevoort 
City Hall Utrecht


Video mapping on 3 hanging transparent cases containing white painted ginko leafs, beech nut shells & plane tree bark. 
The film portrays the sun passing by the different ancient trees whose cast off is gathered inside the cases.

Themes: nature, trees, time, sun, solar, energy
Concept, film, edit & object: Udo Prinsen
Music: Temo Gonzalez Moreno
Size: 235 cm wide · 226 cm high · 40cm deep
Film format: HD 1920X1080
length 2:25 minutes, played in a loop.

The film is available for projection separate from the installation.
Please contact the studio for more information.