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• Audition

Independent short film 

Please watch Audition on my cinema page, above is the trailer.

A young boy is auditioning for the orchestra of a concentration camp. He leaves his father behind and walks the long and cold distance to the audition place which really is an execution site. He begins to play and his thoughts escape in a fantasy world. At the last note he returns to the harsh reality and stands waiting for the decision of the the firing squad. His father listens from a distance.


Eric Vloeimans &Martin Fondse are both highly recognised musicians. They have collaborated together on many projects and were very pleased to compose and perform the music for on Audition. Thanks to our collaboration this soundtrack is still performed today.

Power of collaboration

This short film has brought me and the people involved many good things. The process of making this film has taught me how a well casted team can bring a short film and her subject matter to a diverse and broad perspective audience many years after release. The communication team behind the scenes had created a route towards film festivals and art stages while Vloeimans and Fondse influenced a music network by releasing the soundtrack to CD’s and performances. They are playing the music of Lex on music festivals to this day world wide.


Dutch representant at European Short Film Festival at Canadian Film Council


A special Audition educational package for 8-11 year old children was written by Human Rights in the Picture en Lessen in het Donker.

Two very rewarding performances are listed below.

Audition  Eric Voeimans performing Lex on national TV in the Netherlands

Audition  Eric Vloeimans performing Lex with Dutch Symphonic Orchestra.


2014 Silver Award, Robinson Film Competition, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
2012 Special Mention, Young About Film Festival, Bologna, Italy
2012 Special Mention, Tofuzi Animation film Festival, Batumi, Georgia
2011 Best animation film, Leids Film Festival, Netherlands
2011 Best international film, Dublin Animation Film Festival (Blackrock)

Audition has screened at more than 50 festivals world wide.


SND FIlms, Sidney Neter

Sheet music ‘Lex’

The soundtrack for Audition has become an individual song which you can learn to play yourself via the book Horn of Plenty published by V-Flow, the label of Eric Vloeimans.


directed & produced by Udo Prinsen
music Eric Vloeimans & Martin Fondse
trumpet Eric Vloeimans
other instruments Martin Fondse
music mix Chris Weeda
sound design Bob Kommer Sound Studios Jeroen & Ronald Nadorp
scenario Udo Prinsen
scenario coaching & co writer Hans Heesen
animation & coloring Udo Prinsen
additional animation Calé Mazza, Sandriko Katamashvili
additional coloring & production assistance Tünde Vollenbroek

thanks to
Susanna von Canon, Thomas Coltof, Tamara Doornink, Corinne A. Falch, Ralf Hekkenberg, Gerco Hiddink,  Maaike van den Heuvel, Jasper ten Kleij, Chris Mouw, Digna van der Put, Arnoud Rijken, Fred Schwarz, Michiel Snijders, Marja Vuijsje, Britt Verstegen, Aida Nederland: Herman Divendal & Judit Grotenhuis

dedicated to Józef Szajna, Fred Schwarz, Lex van Weren



The film was inspired by the book Trompettist in Auschwitz (Trumpet player in Auschwitz). The biography of Lex van Weren, written by Dick Walda.  Sadly the story is still only available in Dutch Language. We hope someday it will be translated. The book is available via the website of the publisher Uitgeverij Balans.