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• Antarctica day

Using long exposure photography to educate about science in the polar regions. 

These images are the results of a collaborative art & science project. Camera Obscuras were distributed to several school locations throughout Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg (BENELUX) for a long term science education project.

Detailed  information about the recorded images can be found on this XLSheet


We can record a longer period of time in one still image frame through solargraphy. The sun writes her track every day – when visible – onto the light sensitive photo paper inside a specially designed camera obscura. The arctic region is a perfect location for this as in the summertime the sun never sets below the the horizon.

Background story

Every year APECS organises a special day to celebrate and educate everything there is to know about Antarctica. This year I am participating with a special solargraphy project emphasising on the theme Night and Day. It is a joined forces project of APECS Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. I have always liked the name BENELUX and to be involved in this collaboration is an absolute pleasure. Until now my long exposure photography has mostly taken place on Spitsbergen in the Arctic. Talking about differences between north and south we found common ground in the theme of light and the idea to reflect on the influence of light on working in the field as scientist or artist.


Archive of images

APECS have been able to perform science outreach while the participating schools have had the opportunity for a 6 month programme collecting data, teaching about art, photography and science.