900 seconds

an artistic animation jam session with 90 animators from the city of Utrecht.

Project in progress.

Utrecht is a wonderful city to live and work in, I have been here for a large part of my life enjoying art, education, animation training and working in the lively atmosphere of this creative hub. This year, 900 years ago, emperor Henry V granted Utrecht and it’s residents city rights. The memorabel day itself is 2 June 1122 and Utrecht calls out for a full year of celebrations 900 years later by hosting a full year of activities, cultural and educational projects.


Utrecht has always been good for creatives in all professions and animation and motion design is considered a large part of this. In the last 20 years, I have been part of a growing animation and motion design community so I felt it is time to help further establish that mark.

During my own training at the HKU Media and Design department I spent 6 months in Canada as an intern in a studio in Vancouver, Rocketship Animation. The owner and director, Marv Newland had created a so called ‘Animation Jam’. Each animator receives one drawing, one frame that is to be the first and last image of their animation sequence. In between these frames the animator can enjoy artistic freedom and show off their talent creating a vibrant sequence. This project proved a very fun, entertaining, and at the same time educational film project. It has inspired many animators world wide to a similar project and I have always dreamed of organising an ‘animation jam’ myself.

In our project 900 seconds, we adopt this format to bring you a colourful community driven animation sequence based on the theme of Utrecht 900, ‘living in a free city without walls’. At 25 frames per second, 900 seconds means 22.500 frames or 15 minutes of film. These minutes, seconds and frames will be divided under 90 animators and motion designers (in training). The result will be shared  through (social) media, cultural institutes, museums and events for many years to come.

  • 900seconds-utrecht900-promo-still

Concept & design: Udo Prinsen
Production: Prinsen.Studio
Publicity & communication concept: Jasper van Impelen
More credits will follow.



Anijam by Marv Newland, the inspiration for our project