Late 2017 I was invited to join a group exhibition to be held in the Dutch Waterline Museum late 2018. The theme of the exhibit is camouflage and all artists will use real military clothing to create their objects.

My work is called Markiezenbos (Markiezen woods)  and is a reaction to recent turmoil concerning this area. This small patch of woodland is situated in between the city of Utrecht and a nature area called Amelisweerd. Markiezenbos stands tall to camouflage the city from nature and vice versa. It is right next to a freeway that local and national gouvernement want to expand.

Citizens of Utrecht and the Netherlands feel they need to protect this area as it is a wonderful patch forest and it stands as a buffer between the city and the landscape behind. They raise awareness, ask questions, protest against this plan and there is even a way to adopt a tree to save the woods from disappearing.

I want this work to reflect this situation, as it connects with a global dilemma. We need to protect nature in order to protect ourselves. For Markiezenbos I choose to create a frame, a window to nature that is protected by a precious curtain of camouflage. The curtain can be opened and closed to take a look. A digital sketch of what I am preparing is below.

Behind the camouflage curtain will be an image of an old beach tree, which stands tall in the landscape of Amelisweerd, Utrecht. The image itself wil be multi exposed so it’s atmosphere feels like an image of the past, a time in which nature in itself did not need to be protected. We are shifting time

At the moment I am working on the different stages of the art piece. The camouflage in front of the image is taken care of by Beaujoura Sallé, a talented and experienced designer/upholsterer in Utrecht.
The plan for the frame is in development.

On INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK you can follow updates on this project.

The exhibit is due
October 2018 in
Waterliniemuseum Fort Vechten.



These people and businesses have supported this project with their precious time and / or materials.
Beaujoura Sallé, designer & upholsterer helped to create the sleeves that cover the lamels.

Thomas Geurts, Tag Woodworking helped to create the frame for the object.

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