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Shapes of TimeLog book SEES NL  

The personal story of a visual artist participating in an expedition to Spitsbergen and back.

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(English is not my native language, in case you find editorial improvement, please let me know)


Usually other people do the writing and I take care of the pictures. Friends and family encouraged me to write down my personal story of this journey which was certainly good advise. Hopefully I can take you with me on an expedition I was lucky enough to be part of. A tale of bitter cold and hardships, of heroes climbing glaciers and heroines diving for marine life in the hars landscape of arctic Spitsbergen. All in the name of science, sacrificing limbs and loins, toes and fingers to search for and work on a better, more biodynamic future for generations to come.

sees kittiwakes and ice

Well, something like that. It wasn’t so dangerous, it wasn’t so glorious, it wasn’t so glamorous. But it was a very interesting experience I’d like to share with you. The story of a special kind of people living on the land and water of Spitsbergen, called the scientists. Studying life on land and in the water.

Luckily for them, there are still many animals living on and around Spitsbergen. Beautiful life that we can capure in that magical place. They are the reason for us visitors to want to go and come back. Life that we’d like to keep there and should cherish. In honor of this life on and around Spitbergen, each day in my logbook is named after one of those species.

It would be great if we could leave them be. Don’t visit Spitsbergen. Ever.

polar bear on spitsbergen

Or if you must, and feel the NEED to go back like I do, do it wisely...

  day 0 1 >>>

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