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commissioned film and poster campagne for City of Teylingen

City of Teylingen wanted to inform their inhabitants about the area Roodemolenpolder. Not only that, they wanted to include them in the brainstorm sessions about the future of this polder. Terra Incognita worked on the plan. Together with inhabitants they created ideas and scenario's for the development. This film, the characters and the campagne was created to inform, connect and make a call for action.

Production: Carambolas Films
Director & design: Udo Prinsen
Animation: Nadine Lamandassa, Udo Prinsen
Voice over: Tuffie Vos,
Music composition & arrangement: Kay Krijnen,
Tenor sax: Simon Kelaita
Project management: Terra Incognita, Jan Maurits van Linge, Frank Stroeken
Map: Terra Incognita

commissioned by Gemeente Teylingen,

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