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Volkskrant, bijlage Sir Edmund, Shapes of Time
VPRO gids, interview, Shapes of Time/SEES
Art by Nature Magazine, Shapes of Time/SEES
Natuurfotografie, Shapes of Time/SEES
Algemeen Dagblad, Shapes of Time/SEES
International Year Of the Light, Shapes of Time/SEES
Stadsblad Utrecht,
Shapes of Time/SEES
De Utrechtse Internet Courant
, Shapes of Time/SEES
The independent New York - short film Audition

De Volkskrant, recensie Ik Wil Alles
NRC handelsblad, recensie Slauerhoff, getekende gedichten
De Twentsche Tubantia, recensie Slauerhoff
Dagblad van het Noorden, recensie Slauerhoff
Leeuwarder Courant, recensie Slauerhoff
recensie - Slauerhoff - animatie Live Earth
Boekie Boekie - Filmtitel Knetter
Video Audio Report - animatie in het theater

Due to a great number of visitors and positive reviews, the organisators of Evo-lumen have decided to extend the exhibit until 19 November and is included in the famous GLOW festival in Eindhoven.
evoluon evo-lumen

Images created in the series Shapes of Time will be on display in a group exhibit during Evo-Lumen in the Evoluon business centre in Eindhoven. Shapes of Time was created as part of a scientific expedition to Spitsbergen and Edgeøya in 2015, led by dr. Maarten Loonen.evoluon evo-lumen

In opdracht van Moondocs en VPRO werken we samen met regisseuse Marinka de Jongh en een team van researchers aan de serie Nog een Week, die najaar 2017 op NPO te zien zal zijn.
VPRO Moondocs

Het werk aan de derde Dummie de Mummie film getiteld de Tombe van Achnetoet is begonnen. De crew heeft al een flink aantal draaidagen achter de rug, nu volle aandacht voor de nieuwe animatiesequenties.

dummie de mummie en de tombe van achnetoet

De expositie Candela Lumen Lux in de ArtTraverse van de Gemeente de Bilt werd geopend op 15 januari 2017. Samen met fotograaf Hanne van Baarle en kunstsmid Casper Prager exposeert Udo nog tot 7 maart 2017. Een indruk van de druk bezochte middag is te zien in een verslag door Hans Lebbe, te bekijken via deze link.
news ArtTraverse

During the Dutch Veteran's day a memorial was opened for fallen soldiers of Dutch military missions after the Second World War. For the revelationof the monument Udo worked closely with the documentary makers of Moondocs to create a film stating all the different missions the Netherlands took part accompanied with the number of fallen soldiers. The dutch king revealed the monument by starting the film.

Exhibition Shapes of Time in the City Hall in the centre of the old town in Utrecht.

Artist in Residency in Gouda has started. Udo will create a portrait series inspired by the poem Alone by Edgar Allen Poe using long exposure pinhole techniques.
art gouda

06.12.15 Premiere Mummy Dummy II.

premiere dummie de mummie II

27.10.15 Exhibit Shapes Of Time
From 3 November 2015 photographs will be on display in the Lux Theater Nijmegen during the In Science Festival. The solargraphy images were created befor, during and after the Sees NL expedition to Spitsbergen.
solargraphy @ inscience

08.07.15 Dummie de Mummie en de sfinx van Shakaba
Momenteel wordt de laatste hand gelegd aan twee wervelende animatiesequenties voor het vervolg op de eerste film over Dummie de Mummie. De film komt in het najaar van 2015 uit via PVP Pictures en regisseur Pim van Hoeve. Achter de schermen deed ook il Luster weer mee.
24.06.15 Support Creative Industries Fund
The Dutch Creative Industries Fund (Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie) will support the research fase of Shapes of Time, the solargraphy project on Svalbard before and during the SeesNL expedition to Spitsbergen & Edgeøya.
solargraphy stimuleringsfonds
08.06.15 Polar expedition
In August Udo will joing the largest Dutch Polar expedition to date. A vessel with 50 scientists will sail from Longyearbyen to the island Edgeøya to research the effect of human activity in a deserted area.
Spitsbergen & Edgeoya

01.05.15 release Literary Soundwalk Amsterdam Forest

01.02.15 Awards LOOK!

More awards for short film LOOK!: Picture This Film Festival in Calgary & Music & Nature Film Festival. An educational package is available at Dovenfonds. (Dutch Only) Teachers, check it out. The film was created with support of City of Utrecht
award Look !

28.01.15 literary soundwalk
Programming has started on the application Last Words, a soundwalk through Amsterdam Forest.

05.12.14 LOOK! wins Silver Award
Short comic film LOOK! has won a Silver Award at the Aakruti International Film Festival, Mumbai, India. The film is a combination of (Dutch) Sign language and animation.
award Look!

21.11.14 Royal Military Museum Brussels - teaser
Today we have released a short trailer film to promote a new audio tour available in the Royal Military Museum of Brussels. The tour was created by Antenna International.

19.06.14 Stedelijk Museum
We are excited to have been invited to take part in a special design team for Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, commissioned by the Dutch Foundation for Literature and Creative Industry Funds NL. 

14.05.14 Silver Award for Audition
Audition wins Silver Award at the Robinson Short Film Competition, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

30.03.14 Royal Army Museum Brussels
At the moment we are creating animations for the general audio tour in the Royal Army Museum in Brussels, Belgium. Commissioned by Antenna International & Oorkamers.

30.03.14 Dummie de Mummie
Udo Prinsen will design several animation sequences for Dummie the Mummie, a feature film based on the books by Tosca Menten. commissioned by PVPictures & il Luster BV. The film will be directed by Pim van Hoeve. 

10.02.14 Music Film
Today we have released a short musical film about the colorful members of a musical group performing from a typically dutch cargo bike.

31.01.14 Costa Book Award
Nathan Filer won the Costa Best Book Award for his novel The Shock Of The Fall. This is not at all due to our efforts, but we do think it a worthy news item on our site. We congratulate Nathan, his agent Conville&Walsh...

09.11.13 Introduction @ Natlab
Natlab, Eindhoven will present Udo Prinsen and short film Audition. He will be talking about working with Eric Vloeimans and Martin Fondse and making a comparison with Into Spring, which features music by Han Bennink.
news natlab 

04.10.13 Award for Common Side Effects @ Liberated Words Poetry Film Festival
We are very happy to announce that Common Side Effects has scooped the award for best sound & music at the Liberated Words Poetry Film Festival in Bristol, UK. Well done composers Jorge San Martin Beuk & Malcanisten !

17.09.13 Moodfilm Russell Shorto
Russel Shorto's new book is about Amsterdam. He describes how liberalism sprouted from the city in the Golden Age and has rooted itself in the Dutch and global society. For the Dutch book market we have released a moodfilm to accompany a promotinal activities.

01.05.13 Short poetic film
Today the short film Common Side Effects was released. It is a poetic artist's impression inspired on the book The Shock Of the Fall by Nathan Filer.
common side effects

19.01.13 Article AUDITION the Independent New York
On 14 January the short film Audition screened at the New York Jewish Film Festival. This is the article Kurt Brokaw wrote: independent new york

14.01.13 Film presentations
Udo Prinsen will be presenting his films:
AUDITION: 14 January at the New York Jewish Film Festival.
INTO SPRING: 24 February at the Environmental Film Festival in presentations in New York & Washington

01.10.12 Sign language
Once again the city of Utrecht is supporting one of our projects. This time we are creating a film in which sign language and animation will be combined. The short film will be called Look! (Kijk!).sign language and animation

20.05.12 Audition & Symphony Orchestra
4 May is the national remembrance day in the Netherlands.
On this day Audition was screened in the Dom Church in Utrecht during a remembrance service. 

27.02.12 Support new short Into Spring
City of Utrecht and Dutch Filmfund are supporting the new short Into Spring.
This short story about two woodpeckers setting spring in motion, is a collaboration between director Udo Prinsen and drummer/artist Han Bennink.

30.10.11 Award for Audition
Short film Audition wins 'Best Animation' at Leids International Film Festival

26.10.11 Auditie & Eric Vloeimans in DWDD
Eric Vloeimans was performing in Dutch TV show De Wereld Draait Door (The World Keeps Turning). He played the composition 'Lex'. This piece was created by Eric & Martin Fondse for the film Audition.

28.08.11 Award for Audition
Audition wins Best Film at Blackrock Animation Film Festival in Dublin, Ireland.


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