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commissioned film for revelation new monument

A monument which contains a list of fallen Dutch soldiers and members of the resistance who were killed or missed in action during WWII was created in 1960 On June 25 juni 2016 a second list is added to commemorate the fallen of wars and missions after 1945. King Willem-Alexander of the netherlands revealed the monument by starting this film.

The monument is accesible via the public entrance of the House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer), BInnenhof, the Hague.

For the revelation of this monument and in order to inform a general audience we have created this film together with Moondocs (recently changed it's name from IDTV Docs).

Editor in chief: Gemma van Zeventer
Production & research: Anne Blom, Jorinde Soree, Marlijn Koers, Annemargot van de Baan, Carolijn Borgdorf
Design & animation: Udo Prinsen
Sound: Bob Kommer Studios, Jeroen Nadorp
Event producer for the House of Representatives of the Netherlands: Hester Oomes.
The monument and website was realized by Alfred Marseille & Egbert Bleijenburg

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