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Into Spring is a collaboration between film maker Udo Prinsen and drummer/visual artist
Han Bennink. The work of Bennink inspired Prinsen to create this short visual story that is
all about rythm. Woodpeckers, hares and other characters from drawings by Bennink were
blended with additional drawings to create a unique and cheerful universe.
Prinsen has the ambition to keep on developing films & intstallations inspired on Benninks

SND FIlms, Sidney Neter

Han Bennink and Mary Oliver of ICP Orchestra have created a playful and intuitive soundtrack to the film using a leidmotiv of the famous Mischa Mengelberg. I am very proud that all this could become part of and lift off Into Spring to the world stage of film festivals and galleries.

included in the list of screenings are the National Gallery in Washington, USA and the International Environment Film Festival in Paris.

into spring
into spring
into spring

Concept & direction: Udo Prinsen
Art: Han Bennink, Calé Mazza, Udo Prinsen
Animation: Klaas Laageveen, Calé Mazza, Udo Prinsen
Production: Carambolas
Percussion & snare drum: Han Bennink
Violin & Alt Violin: Mary Oliver
Han Bennink & Mary Oliver are part of Instant Composers Pool (ICP)
Leitmotif ‘Kneushoorn‘: Misha Mengelberg
Music recording, sound design & mix:
Frank van der Weij
Graphic design: Hartebeest, Gerco Hiddink & Maaike van den Heuvel
Thanks to: Susanna von Canon, Pieter Boersma, ICP Orchestra,Tamara Doornink, Ralf
Hekkenberg, Jasper ten Kleij, Hanneke van der Linden, Chris Mouw, Arnoud Rijken,
Michiel Snijders, Chris van Turnhout. SOVON Dutch Centre for Field Ornithology
Financial Support: Dutch Film Fund, City of Utrecht

© 2012 Udo Prinsen

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