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Video installation, tags: #nature #trees #time #sun #experimental #visualpoetry #existence

Video triptych & installation celebrating the life of old trees.

The side walks of canals of Utrecht are decorated with lines of huge beautiful old plane trees. Recently many of these trees had to be trimmed and some even cut down because they were literally bursting out of the pavement. Every day I passed along these poor arm less creatures, wondering what they have seen in their long lives.

Over the years the heve met so many people passing by, looking up at them, enjoying the shade. People, who have grown away from nature, people who because of technology are now looking down on their mobile devices. The trees survive, we find the past, the present and the future of our existence.

The video is shown on a special screen created with the recycled materials of the the trees in the film. Three transparent boxes hold the materials; Ginkgo leaves, beech nut shells and plane bark, all painted white so we can see the film on them.

The sound design for Beginnings was created by Temo Gonzalez Moreno. He went out to the three trees to record the surroundings andhuman sounds in order to mix a soundscape in with a sample of the bells of the Dom church tower which can be heard all through the medieval center of Utrecht.

This installation is on display as part of the exhibition Candela Lumen Lux. Free admission in the ArtTraverse, city hall of de Bilt until 7 March.

Oorsprong videokunst
Oorsprong videokunst drieluik

Oorsprong was inspired by the Map of trees by the city of Utrecht.
Teh city offered financial support.

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